MicroGEM is an enabler of proven science and technology, delivering cost-effective, value-added manufacturing and distribution solutions to forensic, life sciences, agricultural and horticultural markets.

The Culture Collection

MicroGEM owns and has exclusive commercial rights to a portfolio of over 30 patents and a collection of 800 thermophilic (heat-loving) bacteria and archaea and 1,500 Antarctic fungal samples. PrepGEM, the basis of the current MicroGEM DNA testing platform, is an enzyme from just one of these thermophilic bacteria. Considerable further potential opportunities exist from a continuing sequencing programme with the remaining Culture Collection.

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Chemistry R&D: ZyGEM NZ Ltd (New Zealand)

As a world leader in identifying enzymes extracted from extremophiles (microorganisms from extreme environments), the New Zealand team produces innovative DNA extraction products, as well as enzymes used in molecular biology, diagnostics and industrial applications. Its foundation is based on 25 years of research into extremophiles. The central resource of the reagents side of the business is an extraordinary collection of cultured bacteria, archaea and fungi isolated in environments ranging from 0° to 106°C. The flagship DNA extraction and detection family of products significantly increases the speed, yield and accuracy of the analytic process.

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Microfluidics and Forensics R&D: MicroLab (USA)

Microfluidics is a critical function in the automation of the processing and testing of samples and the ultimate “lab on a chip”. The USA team is creating truly integrated microfluidic technology that revolutionizes DNA analysis for forensic and clinical diagnostic applications. Using a non-solid phase DNA extraction, patented infrared PCR and a unique polymer, the team is developing innovative products to improve human health and forensic analysis on both national and international landscapes.

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Manufacturing: LiGEM Pvt Ltd. (China)

Leveraging manufacturing capabilities in Guilin, China, MicroGEM is able to develop cost-effective and efficient manufacturing solutions for prototypes produced by the research teams. The new generation of DNA products are being manufactured on a low cost basis at our MicroGEM facility in Guilin.